File Downloads:

Below you will find the various versions of DC that are currently available for download.

To see what has been changed from Version 3.0, take a look at the DC 3.3 ReadMe here.

If you are running Win95 or NT4.0 without Internet Explorer 4.01, then please download 40COMUPD.EXE. This is a 500K update to your common controls that provides improved stability and functionality. You need this file to get the full-line highlight in the listboxes and the fast-find typing feature. If you're unsure whether or not you need this, download it anyway.

Important note for Version 3.3: Do not install 3.3 into the same directory as a 2.5 install -- It will cause the older version to stop working! Multiple versions can coexist on the same machine as long as they are in separate directories.

Character Builder 3.3 for Windows 95, 98 & NT   [4.3MB]   Download