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DC Character Builder is a program for Windows (3.1, 95, 98 & NT) that makes creating characters for Mayfair's DC Heroes RPG as simple as a point-and-click. Also included with the program is the Gadget Builder, which allows you to create gadgets and pets for your character's use, and the House Rules Editor that you can use to customize the program. The following is a list of program features:

Full Windows interface for character generation.

Mutiple Styles available for character sheet printouts.

House Rules allow editing of almost all program options, including powers, skills, stat costs, and linking options.

You can insert a picture of your character to be displayed or printed on the character sheet.

AP Benchmark Calculator displays real-world values for APs from -99 to +99, for time, distance, weight, and volume.

Power, skill, and Advantage / Drawback text from the rulebook is just a right-click away!

Build characters on almost any Multiplier you wish!

Support for gadgets, omni-gadgets, and pets.

If you have comments, questions, or bug reports, email me at: dcbuilder@babcom.darkalliance.org

Last Updated Jul 30, 2003

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